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                                      Is Your Dryer Vented Properly?

Consider these standard rules:

*  Dryer ducts must be at least 4” in diameter and at least as large as the dryer outlet
*  Dryer exhaust should not be longer than 25 feet (each 90° angle adds 5 feet)
*  Dryer vent should end outside, not in a chimney crawl space, attic or garage
*  The termination point of the dryer vent should have a back draft damper and bird guard protection
*  Metal transition ducts should be used only between the dryer and the exhaust duct at the wall or               ceiling
*  Flexible transition ducts shall never be used in enclosed area; only 4″ rigid metal is allowed
*  In case you don’t know, foil dryer vent ducts are flammable.
*  Take a look at the duct work behind your dryer and if it is white, plastic or very thin like these, then             consider replacing it.